Wayne College Engineering News Briefs

Dan and the Deer
18 July, 2001 -- On Thursday, May 10th, I was traveling on Back Massillon road at about 50 mph when in the blink of an eye a deer ran out and stood on the road 10 feet in front of me. I didn't have time to even think before I blasted into it with the motorcycle. I remember trying to recover the bike before laying it down on its left side and sliding about 175 feet on the asphalt. After coming to rest I realized that I was in the middle of the west-bound lane so I stood up and walked to the side of the road and layed down in a nice soft patch of grass. I knew there was a car following me and shortly after I laid down the lady driving the car ran up to me and started to take care of me. Her jacket had a patch that read "Massillon Paramedic." That's right, I was being followed by a paramedic. Can you believe that? Well she was on her cell phone to the Lawrence township paramedics and police and then she proceeded to take care of me the best she could. Now get this, her name is Tammy Wagner which is the EXACT married name of my youngest sister! Pretty weird, huh? Well, by the time the ambulance got to me I had been laying there for about a half an hour. The paramedics told me about the "Golden Hour." You see, if an accident victim is gotten to a trauma center an hour or less after the accident his/her survival rate goes up dramatically. Since I told them I wanted to go to Aultman Hospital they said that it would take the ambulance a half an hour or so to get there and that would mean the "Golden Hour" would be exceeded so they called in the lifeflight helicopter. When the helicopter landed in the field, they carried me into it and took off like a bat out of hell. What would have taken the ambulance 30 or so minutes took the helicopter 4 minutes! We were there in no time at all. During this whole ordeal I never lost consciousness. At the accident scene the police officer asked me what I wanted done with the deer since I had killed it and I told him to "let it rot."

When we got to the hospital they took me in and had to remove my shattered spleen and repair a lacerated kidney. Later that night, the surgeons had to reopen me and tie off a bleeder. You see after the first surgery they couldn't get my blood pressure up and they kept giving me blood in an effort to get my pressure up. Finally, they realized that I must still be bleeding internally so they opened me back up.

After the second surgery my pressure immediately went up and I was on the long road to recovery. I spent 5 days in intensive care then another 11 or so days in recovery. I spent that many days in recovery because I had a low grade fever and they thought I might have an infection. Finally after some tests they determined the fever was due to a hematoma (a collection of clotted blood) that I had in my left side near my kidney and the fever was due to the body slowly dissipating the blood. I finally went home on May 26. I am telling you I was unbelievably weak. About a week before I left for home the physical therapist came up to get me moving around. I couldn't believe how weak I was, I could barely walk a hundred feet down the hallway and back. It was horrible. When I was home I would go take a shower and then collapse back into bed and take a nap. The simple act of taking a shower exhausted me!

It is now June 28 and I am doing much better. I am up and walking around. Taking evening mile long walks with my wife, Jan, and driving my truck. I am not 100% but I am beginning to feel more like my old self. I would like to thank everyone who came and visited me in the hospital. I would like to send a special thanks to those current and former students who visited me. It meant a great deal to me to see you. Thanks.

Hopefully in a few more weeks I will out on the golf course. I know I will be ready for fall semester and am looking forward to it. So for those of you who I will be seeing this fall, come ready to work because I know I will be ready! ;)

Have a good summer and I will see everyone soon.

Dan Deckler

Online Statics Students
21 August, 2000 -- Those students who are taking Statics online this is for you. Everything you need to take this class via the web can be accessed through the Wayne College engineering webpage. In the navigation bar there are several important links. The most important is the "Class" link. In the "Class" webpage there are four (4) links which are listed below.

  1. Real Time Lecture - You can listen to the lecture in real-time as I speak. You will need RealPlayer to do this. Be sure to download and install the free version RealPlayer, RealPlayerBasic. You can download the day's notes (see below) to follow along and if you miss the lecture or can't listen at the time the lecture is being given you can listen at a later time since all lectures are recorded (see below). In addition you can even participate in the classrooom discussion through a chat room.
  2. Chat Room - This chat room allows you to ask and answer questions in real-time. At the beginning of each lecture I will log into the chatroom and as I am lecturing I will keep an eye on the monitor in the classroom. Should a question or answer arise in the chatroom I will read it to the class and then verbally answer any questions.
  3. Statics Notes - You will be able to download the Statics notes for each day's lecture from here. They are MSWord documents and contain all examples worked in class. They will take a few minutes to download over a phone modem so be sure to get the notes well in advance of the lecture.
  4. Recorded Lectures - If your schedule does not allow you to listen to the lecture in real-time you will have access to the recorded lectures here. Since all the lectures are recorded and placed on the server shortly after the lecture you may listen to the lecture at your convenience and as many times as you wish. If a lecture isn't available the by the day after the lecture was given be sure to email me as I may have forgotten to post the audio file. :) Again you will need RealPlayer to listen to these recordings.
Another link in the navigation bar is the "Discuss" link. Here you will find a discussion board for the Statics class. Using this will enable you interact with other students in the class. You can post questions and answers about the lecture, homework problems, the project, or anything else related to this class.

The "Evaluation" link in the navigation bar is where your work on all assigned homework will be evaluated. You will be given a WebCT account and you will have to log into this every week to have your homework evaluated. See the syllabus for further details.

The "Syllabus" link is, of course, where you will find the syllabus for the Statics course. Please be sure to print it out and read it carefully.

Exams - Each of you will have to make individual arrangements with me in order to take the course exams. If your schedule permits, the easiest way to take the exam is to come to Wayne College on the day of the exam and take it with the rest of the students.

If you have any questions about this online course please feel free to email me using the link below.
Professor Deckler

Welcome to Wayne College
27 August, 1999 -- Welcome to a new year at Wayne College. I hope all of you had good summer, I know mine was pretty good. Unfortunately, summer is over...*sigh*...so I guess we all need to get to work. Please feel free to stop by and see me and let me know about your summer or anything else you would like to talk about. I am here in C-211, don't let me get lonely. :)

Alumni Page
30 August, 1999 -- Hey all you Wayne College Engineering alumni, there is now a web page just for you! I want to hear from you so I can put you on this web page. How about sending me some information like, a photo, the years you were at Wayne, the year you graduated, what type of engineer you are (ME, EE, CE, etc), your email address, your web page address, the company you co-op'ed with, the company you are working for now, where you are living now, your interests (golf, traveling, blading, etc.), whether you are married and have kids and anything else you would like to have on the page. Of course, you don't have to send me all the above information, those are just ideas. On the other hand, if you want to send more, please do so. Once you have your info on the Alumni page, get others to send me information as well, I would love to hear from everyone!

30 August, 1999 -- I would like to thank everyone who has helped me put this web page together. First, and foremost, I would like to thank Shane Rogal for putting the engineering server together and for his expertise in HTML and computer graphics. If anyone ever needs web page work done, Shane is your man. Thanks Shane, I couldn't have done this without you. Next, I would like to thank Carolyn Freelon for the graphics work she did. She did the main banner and scanned in ton of photos for use on the page. Thanks Carolyn. I would also like to thank Judy Leiner and Becky Gentry for putting my Statics notes in Microsoft Word and thank Matt Lawrence and Cher Deeds for putting the Statics evaluation online. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the work everyone did!



Send me some email. Professor Deckler