Tools For Engineering

Department of Engineering

The University of Akron

Course number 4100:101-701

Mr. Daniel C. Deckler

Fall, 2002

C-211, phone 684-8761

Office Hours:

Monday: 10:30 a.m. - noon
Tuesday: None
Wednesday: 10:30 a.m. - noon
Thursday: None
or by appointment.



Course Objectives:

1. Learn about the engineering profession.

2. Become proficient in the use of personal computers.

3. Learn how to use the word processor Microsoft Word.

4. Learn how to use the spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel.
5. Learn how to use the computer aided design (CAD) program Pro/Engineer.
6. Learn how to use the computer program MATLAB.

Course Requirements:

Corequisites - 3450:221

Homework, Due Weekly 40%
Class Teach 20%
Final Exam, December 4, 2002 40%
(3:00 - 5:00 p.m., Comprehensive)
Total 100%

Grading Scale:

A............ 93-100 B-........... 80-83 D+.......... 68-70
A-........... 90-93 C+.......... 78-80 D............ 63-68
B+.......... 88-90 C............ 73-78 D-........... 60-63
B............ 83-88 C-........... 70-73 F............ 00-60


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel



Homework assignments will be given at the end of every class period and will be due one week after it has been assigned. Late homework will not be accepted. Homework should be neat and only the front of the paper should be used.

Project/Final Exam:
This year's project will be the building and testing of a robot to perform a specific task. Each student will be loaned a Lego Mindstorms kit which will be used to build and program various robots throughout the semester. These homework assignments will allow you to become familiar with how to build and program robots. The task your final robot must accomplish will be announced in week 10 of the semester. At the end of the semester there will be a contest to determine which robot performs the task best. First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded. In addition each student must submit a final report documenting the design, construction, and programming of their final robot. Note: each student is also responsible for returning the Lego Mindstorms kit in working order with all the parts at the end of the semester.

NO withdrawals will allowed after NOVEMBER 15, 2002. Listed below are some important dates:

September 1 - 100% refund period ends.

September 8 - 70% refund period ends.

September 9 - Last day to withdraw without a WD appearing on record.

September 15 - 50% refund period ends.

September 22 - 30% refund period ends.

September 29 - 20% refund period ends.

October 19 - Last day to withdraw without instructor's signature.

November 15 - Last day to withdraw from Fall, 2002 classes.

Course Registration:
Students whose names do not appear on the Universityís official class list by September 9, 2002 (for all classes that meet for the first time during the week of August 26 - August 31) will not be permitted to participate (attend class, take exams, or receive credit). Therefore, students should make sure to have all financial arrangements taken care of prior to September 9.

Recommended Additional Reading

1. Microsoft Office 97 for Windows for Teachers, N. J. Salkind, IDB Books Worldwide Inc., 1997.

2. The Complete Idiotís Guide to Microsoft Office 97: Professional, , J. Kraynek, S. Kinkoph, QUE, 1997.

These books can be found in the library.

A. D. A. Special Accommodations
In accordance with University policy, students with a documented disability for which accommodations may be required should contact Dr. Julia Beyeler, Director of the Wayne College Learning Center (684-8963). Dr. Beyeler will assist in providing the necessary accommodations.